Administration of the HMO

Administrative Director of the Program:

Prof. George Ioannou, AUEB

Director of the HMO:

Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis, fsa

Senior Lecturer in Aegean Prehistory,

Leventis Senior Fellow in Heritage Management

University of Kent, Canterbury

Administrative coordinator of the MA in Heritage Management and HMO.Management

Ms. Vasia Terzi


Accountant:  Morison International

Pro bono Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Greece

Back-office administrative and secreterial services

L. Cambanis SA

HMO departmet coordinators:

HMO.Public:  Dr. Aris Anagnostopoulos

HMO.Management:  The faculty of the MA in Heritage Management

HMO.Legal:  Dr. Renia Stamatoudi

HMO.Digital: Μichele Curuni

HERMA:  Drs. George Ioannou & Evangelos Kyriakidis

Social media coordinators:

Website:  Ms. Sandra Sostaric

Blog:  Ms. Carmen Granito & Ms. Brittany Wade

Facebook:  Mr. Siddhant Shah & Ms. Elizabeth Kearsey

Twitter:  Ms. Carmen Talbot & Ms. Elizabeth Kearsey

Newsletter:  Ms. Carmen Talbot

The HMO also operates with help of ma student volunteers from the HERMA program in Athens, Greece, to whom the HMO is grateful and indebted for their invaluable help and generosity.