Workshops in Heritage Management 

Following both feedback from heritage managers as well as a research program conducted partly by HMO on the human resources in heritage management in Europe

Duration: Most often each workshop is delivered during a weekend in Athens (Friday to Sunday) and work continues remotely for the next two weeks. At the end a skype-interview is arranged giving feedback for all projects.

If you are interested on any one or all of these workshops do not hesitate to contact us, or click on the bar to the left on the name of the workshop. It is our intention to run workshops on database management, strategy, human resource management and marketing in the next two years. For registration apply below.

Brand New Thinking: Branding Heritage Assets.

After its original run in 2015, this workshop took place for a second year on 14-17 October 2016 in Athens and was led by international museums brand expert Frances Croxford (

Successful Fundraising for Heritage Managers

On February 17-19 2017 we will offer this American Express Foundation supported workshop in partnership with H2GrowthStrategies LLC for a third year.

Communications for Heritage Organizations.

After its original run in 2015, this workshop was repeated for a second year on September 26-28 2016 in Elefsina and was led by renowned media consultant Derwin Johnson.

Travelling Exhibitions: A tool for museums to internationalize their brands and create alternative revenue streams.

This workshop, offered for the first time in 2016 in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, will again be hosted on April 21-22 2017 by the Benaki Museum in Athens and will be led by Rosie Wanek, Senior Exhibitions Manager at Somerset House.

Personal Interpretation for Natural and Cultural Heritage

This workshop on Heritage Interpretation will run for the first time on 27 February-4 March 2017 in Elefsina. It will be led by Valya Stergioti, a Heritage Interpretation professional with more than 20-years of experience.


Brand New Thinking:

Branding Heritage Assets with The Seeking State

Duration of the workshop 14-17 October + feedback online


We believe that whatever an organization does, however diverse its activities or audiences, it is crucial that at its heart is a clear and compelling sense of purpose, that can answer the questions ‘what do you do?’, ‘how do you do it?’ and most importantly ‘why do you do it?’ Similarly, for heritage sites and museums, one should be able to answer the basic questions ‘who are you?’, ‘what do you stand for?’ and ‘what is your contribution to humanity?’ It’s this sense of shared purpose that guides decision making, informs communications, unites staff and ultimately creates a powerful presence externally.


Brand New Thinking is a workshop program for Heritage Managers to explore cultural branding: what it means, how it works, the essential benefits and the process of how you develop a brand.

This program is equivalent to a long weekend of intensive teaching, with a follow up of two weeks project work and feedback.

About The Seeking State: The Seeking State is a brand consultancy that specializes in developing brand strategies for clients in the cultural sector, including national museums, performing arts organizations and higher education institutes. Their ambition is to work with their clients to build their reputations, reach new audiences and generate more revenue. The people running The Seeking State have conducted extensive branding programs for the British Museum, the V&A, the Natural History Museum, the Copenhagen National Museum, Tate Modern and many others.

To apply for the next Branding workshop click here

Successful Fundraising for Heritage Managers:

Strategies and Best Practices

February 17 to 19, 2017 (and a later date remotely)

HMO Headquarters: Kimonos and Pangalou 11, Elefsina

Application Deadline: January 16, 2017


The Heritage Management Organization supported by the American Express Foundation would like to announce a workshop in its Executive Leadership Program for Heritage Management entitled: ” Successful Fundraising: Strategies and Best Practices“. The workshop is delivered by Linda C. Hartley and Jennifer E. Herring of H2Growth Strategies LLC.

Instructors: Linda C. Hartley and Jennifer E. Herring

Target audience: Heritage managers and experts, very few excellent students

For the official announcement of the workshop and details on fees and application procedures, see here.

For a provisional syllabus of the workshop, see here

This workshop provides a survey of the fundraising strategies and skills needed to start-up and build an organization’s contributed revenue. Students learn best practices and apply them to create the framework for a development plan for their own organization or one chosen for them in consultation with instructors.

Sessions combine lectures, case studies, class discussions and interactive exercises to develop and apply strategies in:

  • fundraising fundamentals, best practices, ethics
  • working with executive and voluntary leadership
  • creating and articulating a compelling case for support
  • prospect research, matching projects with sources of support
  • matching marketable projects with prospective sources of support
  • identifying, cultivating and soliciting prospects
  • online fundraising and capital campaigns
  • planning events and campaigns
  • ePhilanthropy and online fundraising
  • securing foundation and corporate grants
  • create a development plan

There is a number of scholarships available by the HMO and by the Headley Trust.

The Headley Trust scholarship supports professionals and students from Albania, Bosnia& Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYRoM, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Headley Trust scholarships cover tuition, accommodation and food. Scholars will still have to cover their travel expenses and to become members of the HMO.


H2Growth Strategies LLC advises executive staff and board members to improve performance and increase leadership capacity for sustainable growth and impact. Working with mission-driven clients, H2Growth leverages its expertise and talents to create a more enlightened world. Services include strategic and succession planning, board development, leadership and CSR training, executive coaching, fundraising and advocacy.
H2Growth principals are strategic advisors with exceptional track records: Linda C. Hartley (MBA, NYU) of Hartley Consulting Inc. and Vivien Hoexter (MBA, Wharton) of Hoexter Executive Consulting. The firm’s team of specialists have helped over 100 nonprofits—from start-ups to major institutions—raise over $1.5 Billion

We thank the Foundation Center, New York, for providing this workshop an excerpt of the book Securing your Organization’s Future: A Complete Guide to Fundraising Strategies, by Michael Seltzer.



Communications for Heritage Organizations

with Derwin Johnson

26-8 September 2016

HMO headquarters Kimonos 11 and Pangalou, Elefsina

You have organised the best exhibition of the year, or set up a ground-breaking educational program. You have worked hard with curators, conservators, educators, everything is ready to rock, but now you wonder… how can I bring people in? How can I reach my audience, and what should I be telling them? Informing and engaging the public is a crucial process for the success and sustainability of heritage institutions. However, heritage-related university programs do not usually include any training in Communications, and heritage managers who cannot afford to revert to external experts might find themselves in serious troubles when it comes to communicate and promote what they are doing.

Today, more than ever, it is critical that strong messages be part of an effective communications strategy for today’s leaders. By focusing more on content, when embracing traditional as well as social media, leaders can more effectively manage and enhance the reputation of their organizations.

This 3-day interactive, content-driven course, is a focused learning experience that provides a systemic approach on how to successfully attract the attention of key audiences through traditional, new and social media. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a working guide to effectively communicate news, initiatives and announcements of their organization.

The workshop’s instructor, Derwin Johnson, has a 20-year experience as a journalist for CNN and ABC News and is a professional media consultant and trainer.

Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from your Collection and promoting them around the World

April 21-22, 2017

Benaki Museum, Koumbari 1, Athens

Application Deadline: Monday April 10th, 2017

The HMO would like to announce a workshop in its Executive Leadership Program for Heritage Management titled “Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from your Collection and promoting them around the World”. The workshop is delivered by Rosie Wanek, Senior Exhibitions Manager, Somerset House, London , UK.

Target Audience: Heritage managers and experts, museum professionals, very few excellent students.

For the official announcement of the workshop and details on fees and application procedures, see here

For a provisional syllabus of the workshop, see here

A 2 day workshop that focuses on how temporary exhibitions can enhance and promote the mission of a museum, create new audiences and generate revenue for an institution.

Starting with a look at building institutional strategy for exhibition making and partnership building, participants will explore the process behind making temporary exhibitions for display at home and internationally. This will include identifying exhibition objectives, shaping the narrative and content to create a compelling visitor experience as well as the practicalities of actually delivering a project in another country. The workshop will encourage a discursive approach and participants are welcome to bring their own ideas and projects to the table.

At the end of the workshop, delegates should be able to: 1) articulate an understanding of how travelling temporary exhibitions can make use of collections to generate resource and increase the profile of the institution locally and internationally; 2) demonstrate how they might shape the content, narrative and display of an exhibition both to reflect the identity of the institution and to appeal to multiple audiences whilst working with the resources available; 3) identify potential partners for delivering temporary exhibitions locally and on tour internationally.

We thank the Benaki Museum for their hospitality.

There is a number of scholarships available by the HMO.

Rosie Wanek is a Senior Exhibitions Manager at Somerset House, London, UK where she supports Curators and exhibition teams to make the best of their ideas and resources to create engaging and exciting exhibitions for a wide range of audiences. With an academic background in literature and visual culture she is driven by an interest in the stories and media that connect and inspire people. Rosie has extensive experience of touring exhibitions internationally, particularly to challenging environments and venues with limited infrastructure. In recent years she has worked with teams across Europe and the US and in China, India, Syria, Qatar and Russia to deliver world class exhibitions of diverse scale and content.

Personal Interpretation for Natural and Cultural Heritage

28 February-5 March, 2017

HMO headquarters: Kimonos 11 and Pangalou, Elefsina

Application Deadline: February 6, 2017

Heritage Interpretation is a structured approach to non-formal learning, specialized in communicating significant ideas about a place and establishing a strong link between visitors and their experience of a heritage site (natural reserve, historic site, museum).

During a 6 day workshop that will combine interactive exercises, presentations, and class discussions, participants will familiarize themselves with the principles of Heritage Interpretation as well as develop and apply the skills necessary to perform personal interpretation of natural and cultural heritage on their own. Participants will also have the opportunity to obtain a certificate as an Interpretive Guide from Interpret Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation.

The workshop’s instructor, Valya Stergioti, is a Training Coordinator for Interpret Europe and has more than 20 years of experience as a Heritage Interpretation professional in organizing and implementing interpretive courses and workshops about heritage for heritage professionals as well as a wide range of audiences.

For the official announcement of the workshop and details on fees and application procedures, see here 

For a provisional syllabus of the workshop, see here